Did you know?

  • You may be throwing away a potential reactive target every day. Save those plastic bottles.
  • Explosive targets that use chemical elements can cost you over $4 for every explosion. Big Blast Caps are reusable!
  • Big Blast Caps are the only cap of its kind to incorporate a lanyard ring so you won't lose the cap.


How much air should I pump into a bottle using a Big Blast Cap?

It's recommended that you use an air pump with a pressure gauge and that you not fill it past 80 psi (pounds per square inch). 60-80 psi is desirable depending on bottle type.

How far away should the bottle be placed down range?

It is best to place a pressurized bottle at least 20 yards (60 feet) down range, meaning at least 60 feet from any person.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a pressurized bottle with a Big Blast Cap?

Always put the bottle inside the provided mesh inflation bag when pressurizing it and always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling, inflating, or shooting.

Do I have to mix anything to use a Big Blast Cap?

No mixing of any reactive chemical(s) is required.

What happens if I shoot the cap instead?

Do not shoot the cap. Shooting the cap with any projectile will damage it beyond use.

Can I use a BB gun with Big Blast Caps?

Most bottles require a projectile traveling at 700 feet per second or better. Most BB guns shoot slower than that and will ricochet. Do not use a BB gun that shoots under 700 fps.