Big Blast Inflator Caps Make "Exploding" Plastic Bottles Fun!

Big Blast Caps are simple and easy to use. Just screw the lid on, pump it up, and boom!

They allow the easy pressurization (60-80 psi is desirable depending on bottle type) of several sizes of soda/drink bottles using a standard bicycle or athletic ball air pump or a garage air compressor. They use air to make some really fun and LOUD exploding targets!

The design of the Big Blast Cap was developed by a shooter aiming for something inexpensive, safe, consistent, and fun for his family and friends.

The caps are re-usable and to make sure you don't lose them, the Big Blast Cap has a molded in lanyard loop and a red string is included in every package so you can tie it to something.

The Big Blast Cap is a less expensive alternative to other reactive boom-generating products.

Shoot pressurized bottles with Big Blast Caps with any projectile that travels 700 fps or more!

They have been found to work with firearms of all calibers, airguns, and crossbows.

Big Blast Caps fit many plastic beverage bottles such as soda bottles and bottles with threads like those found on soda bottles.

You can customize your Big Blast Cap reactive target by adding powder or water for a visual effect!

Full instructions are in every package.

"I discovered these one summer while teaching my 3 granddaughters to shoot their air guns. The kids got bored with paper targets so we moved on to balloons and soup cans and swinging water jugs, but they wanted something more "fun". Along came the Big Blast Cap and we've been exploding pop bottles ever since."